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Putting the Future in Their Hands

“A $30 rod and reel combo can change a life,” says Pat Neu, President of the Future Angler Foundation (FAF). “Fishing doesn’t need to be complicated. Keep it simple, teach them how to be successful using the basic tools, and you might’ve just hooked an angler for life.”

Annually, FAF provides thousands of spincast combos to volunteers who host educational youth fishing events at fishing tournaments, schools, YMCA’s and YWCA’s, and churches. The best part? The kids get to KEEP the spincast combos to keep honing their newly found activity, while spreading the good word about fishing to their friends and classmates.

In this educational episode FAF produced in conjunction with Into the Outdoors, viewers get to take a deeper dive into operating a spincast combo, as well pertinent information like fishing lines, tackle, bait, and where to find fish. The episode airs digitally and in syndication, and on the PBS Network in 2023.

“It’s easy to quickly get over a kid’s head talking about the great sport of fishing,” says Neu. “But like all sports, it’s a step-stone process or you’ll lose them. FAF really focuses on a basic, core approach that’ll grab their interest and encourage kids to keep taking steps.”

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