News / Josh Olson #682 Presents Take Me Fishing Clinic

Josh Olson #682 Presents Take Me Fishing Clinic

National Professional Anglers Association member Josh Olson (#682) held a two-part kid’s fishing workshop entitled “Take Me Fishing” for 26 fourth grade students at Mott-Regent Elementary School in Mott, North Dakota. Throughout this presentation, Olson taught the students about the importance of fishing being a fun family experience and one they should enjoy doing together.

In part one of his presentation, Olson taught about boat and water safety, where he even went as far as, wearing his life jacket through the entire presentation to ensure students understood the importance of wearing their life jacket in the boat or near water. Olson then went on to teach about fish species through an interactive PowerPoint presentation and by incorporating many varieties of mounted fish for the students to see and touch. Next, Olson included a segment on picking bait, tying knots, and casting techniques. Last, he wrapped up his presentation by explaining the importance of “Clean, Drain, Dry” to help stop the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) and to ensure fishing for future generations.

For second part of Olson’s presentation, Josh took students outside to practice their casting skills. Students used push button reels and plastic plugs to practice casting techniques Olson had taught them in the classroom.

Students had a fun and educational experience. Josh would like to thank the National Professional Anglers Association and their sponsors for the t-shirts, casting plugs, and booklets for each student. Through this workshop and other like it, we are ensuring the future of fishing for many more generations.