Partner Program Grants

In community-wide or park district programs, the Future Angler Foundation works with local partners to bring education and outreach about fishing to existing programs and events.
Sometimes it is not a school or a tournament organization that reaches out to FAF and asks for help. When local community events or park district programs ask how to bring fishing into their program, we are happy to help.
“We have a lot of connections through professional anglers,” shared Pat Neu, executive director of National Professional Anglers Association and President of FAF. “We can often find a professional angler to bring the expertise to the community and FAF helps with some of the resources needed.”
“This was probably the best program for kids and families that we have ever had at the park,” said Cindy Mueller, Naturalist Educator at High Cliff State Park. “We had tremendously positive feedback from the adults, too. Please consider coming back in the future.”

If you would like to know more about how to get your community partner program involved, contact FAF at