Future Angler Foundation Supporting the 2020 Getting Families Fishing Safely Initiative

Forestville, WI: The Future Angler Foundation is partnering with the Into the Outdoors, an outdoor education and inspiration network. Through the partnership, a series of television programs, classroom videos and lesson activities are being created and are available free, “creative commons” that can be downloaded and used by the entire R3 Community. The 2020 Getting Families Fishing Safely Initiative with the support of the R3 community will work to increase angler recruitment with boating safety messaging to engage our next generation of anglers.

For more information about these extensive efforts and awesome science info check out these web links:


and https://intotheoutdoors.org/faf/

Into the Outdoors is creating pathways to environmental awareness and outdoor lifestyles that empower our next generation to become sustainable stewards of Planet Earth.