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(January 28, 2015) Forestville, WI — Anglers and the sportfishing community recently gathered in the Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin and kicked off the major annual fundraiser for the Future Angler Foundation (FAF). This benefit banquet was sponsored by Yamaha and Skeeter Boats for the fourth consecutive year. The live and silent auction, held on the Saturday evening of the National Professional Anglers Association (NPAA) conference raised $28,848 that included a matching Funds Grant of $6,000 from the J.J. Keller Foundation and an additional $10,000 grant from the J.J. Keller Foundation. The effort sets the 501(c)3 non-profit organization up to accomplish its goal in the coming year: increasing participation in the sport of fishing.

“We’re teaching thousands of new participants each year about the thrill and fun of sportfishing,” Pat Neu, President of FAF said. “This solid fundraiser gets us off on the right foot so we have the resources to do more.” In 2015, the FAF partner programs exposed over 21,000 youth and adult attendees to the sport of fishing.

“The support during the conference and banquet for “Creating New Anglers” from the industry, professional anglers and their families was incredible and made my day”added Dr. Nick Schmal, FAF Executive Director.

In addition to Neu as President and Schmal as Executive Director, the FAF board includes Al Lindner, Jeff Marble, Kristine Houtman, Dr. Philip Moy and Robert Blosser. These sportfishing industry leaders are anxious to broaden the participation base of anglers through education and outreach. With a strong connection to dedicated hardcore anglers, the FAF puts boots on the ground with a hands-on, grass roots approach. The mission is to:

  • Provide learning materials and fishing equipment to support FAF-sanctioned events
  • Educate volunteers on how to host educational “how to” fishing events
  • Build sportfishing industry support for the hands-on, grassroots efforts of our members
  • Pair volunteers with venues like National and State Parks and Forests and Federal/State Wildlife areas
  • Develop programs with school systems and community park and recreation programs to bring angling into curriculum

The Future Angler Foundation is an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff. Corporate contributions, personal donations and grants help solidify new anglers, securing the sportfishing participant base for years to come. Compared to other nonprofits, the FAF is focused on introducing new anglers to a fishing experience and educating them on the skills they need to catch fish and how to take care of the fishery—work important to the sportfishing industry’s future.Check out www.futureangler.org or email Pat Neu, president at info@futureangler.org. Future Angler Foundation (FAF) is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded in November of 2013.