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FISHING: Weather, Seasons, and Family Fishing

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Weather and Fish Behavior

Educational video and companion lesson plan reveal the basics about how weather and water temperatures affect fish behavior.  

Forestville, WI (April 6, 2023) – Imagine this. You and your family are getting ready for a perfect day of fishing, you’ve looked forward to it all week, only to sit out on the boat watching the day go by without a single bite. “Where did we go wrong?” you ask yourself. You’re not alone, this happens to countless anglers every year. But fear not, the often lies in how the weather affects fishing. And today, you’re going to learn some basics every angler should know about how fish react in all kinds of weather.

Fish are just like people in that they prefer certain kinds of weather. Some fish don’t like the rain and will go deeper. Other fish love a good downpour. When it rains, insects get knocked into the water, so these fish will stay close to the surface looking for a meal.

Fish like largemouth bass will come closer to shore on windy days. This is because small panfish like bluegill and sunfish will be pushed toward the bank with the wind, or will follow insects that are blown to the bank. Bass eat those small fish, so they naturally follow along.

Contrary to popular belief, a nice sunny day is not always best for fishing. When it’s too hot, fish can become lethargic. To beat the heat, fish usually go deeper into cooler waters. This is one of the reasons why people tend to fish early in the morning or in the evening during the summer when temperatures are a little cooler.

There are many weather factors that play into a successful day of fishing. In this video our expert angler goes through some of those factors as our Into The Outdoors crew attempts to catch the big one.

As you’ll discover in our video library of Getting Families Fishing episodes and the related educational topic videos, fishing and boating are fantastic ways to spend time with family, learn about conservation, enjoy the outdoors, AND learn about aquatic science and yourself.

So, take a moment and explore the dozens of videos on fishing and aquatic science here. The custom learning videos you’ll find are designed to share with your entire classroom. You’ll also find other educational content, including custom lesson activities that blend peer-driven learning and hands-on activities.

And for even more information and resources related to fishing and boating, head to and To learn more about America’s Getting Families Fishing Initiative, head to the Future Angler Foundation.

Water temperature

Green weeds – food web




Time of year

Sunlight penetration

In this educational video from the Outdoors Education Network and sponsored by the Future Angler Foundation and US Forest Service, an adventurous and ambitious youngster puts together a plan to fish in a National Forest.

The video is accompanied by a quadrant of related lesson plans for students, fishing clubs, youth groups, or anyone who wants to educate others about our natural world.

YOU own access to 2.5 million acres of lakes and over 150,000 miles of fishable streams. We encourage you to use them.

Fishing YOUR US Forests

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