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FISHING: Begins with Bait…and a Hook

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Begins with Bait…and a Hook

Educational video and companion lesson plan teaches fishing basics and about the aquatic food web.

Forestville, WI (March 28, 2023) – Want to hook a kid on fishing? Keep it simple. Put away the sophisticated stuff. There’ll be plenty of time for that during their life’s learning curve. Instead, focus on success, which is best achieved with a basic hook and live bait offering.

Quantity over quality is another factor. Kids quickly react with enthusiasm to a succession of teacup sunfish from under the dock. Whereas a daylong hunt for Red October will likely bore them.

Basic and readily accessible live bait offerings like red worms, nightcrawlers, crickets, leeches and minnows will do the trick. They’re universally appealing to everything with fins and an appetite.

In this educational video, upstart anglers learn the ABC’s of fishing with live bait.

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