News / FAF and the NPAA Team to Support Cabela’s School of Fish

FAF and the NPAA Team to Support Cabela’s School of Fish

Forestville, WI: The Cabela’s School of Fish, the Midwest’s leaders in kids and beginners fishing education, announced today that the Future Angler Foundation (FAF) and National Professional Anglers Association (NPAA) have committed to supply the rods and reels for 2018 Cabela’s School of Fish open water students! The Cabela’s School of Fish anticipates graduating over 500 “water ready” kids this year and each of those students will leave class with a Zebco rod and reel combo courtesy of FAF and NPAA.  In addition to use on their upcoming fishing trips, Cabela’s School of Fish kids use the rods and reels in class to master fishing knot-tying and slip-bobber rigging.

School of Fish

 “Our goal is to educate, excite, and equip fishing’s next generation and supplying each student a reliable rod and reel is obviously important to that goal,” said Mike Frisch, co-founder of Cabela’s School of Fish. “We are extremely happy that FAF and NPAA are joining us in our efforts by providing our students a brand name rod and reel to get their fishing careers started with,” Frisch added. “We share a mutual mission of increasing participation in the sport of fishing with FAF and NPAA and so this partnership is a natural fit!”

Pat Neu, President of the FAF and Executive Director of the NPAA said, “Mike Frisch’s efforts through Cabela’s School of Fish to teach young anglers how to fish and about the resource we all share fit into our mission to grow participation in sportfishing as we work to protect the sport and the resource.”  Neu went on to say, “As a non-profit Cabela’s School of Fish utilizes volunteers to team with Mike Frisch to reach as many new anglers as possible, making our commitment to support their efforts an easy decision.”

Originally designed as a fishing class for elementary kids, 2 ½-hour School of Fish classes are now available for older kids, and other adults as well.  Also, parents are invited to attend with their kids at most classes. Started in 2013, Cabela’s School of Fish has hosted well over 100 schools and graduated over 3,000 “water ready” anglers in its existence. Taught in a fast-paced, fun environment, students learn about lakes and finding and catching fish, how to tie a fishing knot, and how to rig and use their own slip-bobber set-up. “Our students love it when they get their rod and reel,” Frisch added. “And we put it to good use right away!” “We are thrilled that the FAF and NPAA are working with us this year,” Frisch concluded.

The NPAA is a non-profit, member-based association dedicated to sportfishing.  The NPAA’s membership is composed of professional guides, tournament anglers, angler educators and sportfishing/marine industry professionals who are passionate about the sport.

The NPAA’s mission is: “To increase the professionalism of our members as we work to grow and protect sportfishing.” The NPAA is proud to have a very substantial list of Partners that support its efforts as an association.  A complete list of those partners can be found on the NPAA Partners Page at

More details regarding School of Fish can be secured by contacting Mike Frisch via email or by visiting the website and selecting the “School of Fish” link.