Crappie Contest a Backdrop for a NPAA Future Angler Clinic

NPAA members Jeff Otis #621 and Jim Peters #106 hosted a “Future Angler” Clinic at the Lions Lake Minnetonka Crappie Contest on April 26th. Despite cold damp weather numerous young future anglers learned about: water safety, how to identify fish, knot tying, and Aquatic Invasive Species prevention (Clean, Drain and Dry).

This is the second annual event hosted by the Minnetonka Lions Club. This years event was another huge success.

Both the kids and parents left the Future Angler Clinic with a good understanding about safety and fishing. At the conclusion of the clinic each child was given a NPAA Future Pro T-shirt and an AIS prevention message water bottle or a Cars branded capture net, provided by the NPAA and the Future Angler Foundation.