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Camp Walleye / Fishing Family Fun Day 2021

“Camp Walleye” and “Fishing for Family Fun Days” is in the books for another year. This was the events 21st year.

This event has changed a lot in the last 21 years biggest changes happening on its 20th year last year . Camp Walleye went from a 2 night camp to a 1 day camp and a second day “Family fun day and derby”. This change happened mainly because of Covid last year. But with this change there was an evolution of the function. Angler holding fish

We had seen an evolution of kids who didn’t enjoy sleeping in tents and without their family. So with the foresight of the “Camp Walleye Committee” we made a changes for the future. “One day camp for kids” and encouraging their families to come camp with us the second day and enjoying a Family day and Fishing derby. This has been well received by many families. This year we had as many families involved with “Fishing Family fun Day” as kids involved in Camp Walleye. We hope in the future these activities will continue to grow in popularity.

Camp Walleye had over 30 kids enrolled. Kids boarded Busses at 6 am from Great Falls and arrived at Tiber at 8 am ready to fish. WOW what a cooker temps approaching 100 degrees we cooked everyone involved. But also had a very hot bite with over 315 fish caught one day. This included 210 walleye, 96 perch, 2 Northern Pike, 6 trash fish and 1 trout. Any question why is called Camp Walleye.

Anglers Landing Fish

Breakdown of Fish Caught

26” Walleye   by Johnathan Neujahr

28” Northern Pike by Rylan Frank

13” Perch by Vin Stevens

11” Trout by Christain Dabdoub-Olivera

21” Sucker by Cooper Fairbanks

The Camp has changed significantly the primary change was increased age so now Camp is for kids 11 to 17. Almost any child that wanted to attend was welcomed and we hope to see increased interest in Camp Walleye continues.

“Fishing Family Fun Day” went off great with many people catching fish. ”Fishing Family Fun Day” is just this ,a day for people to meet others have a great breakfast, lunch and  with fishing friends going out on the lake to fish  together and tell fish stories together. We hope this activity continues to grow with more people participating with their family and friends joining together for a great weekend of fishing, family and fun.

This weekend couldn’t go off without many great volunteers and contributors.

Thank you to everyone involved