News / Bass Pro Shops joins Cabela’s as School of Fish title sponsors!

Bass Pro Shops joins Cabela’s as School of Fish title sponsors!

Forestville, WI:  Cabela’s School of Fish, the Midwest’s leaders in kids and beginners fishing education, announced today that Bass Pro Shops has joined Cabela’s as the program’s title sponsors!  “Cabela’s has been a very strong supporter of School of Fish for several years and became the title sponsor last year,” said Mike Frisch, co-founder of School of Fish. “We’re excited to add Bass Pro Shops as a partner and work together to get more kids excited about fishing. “School graduates receive a $10 Cabela’s gift card,” Frisch added.  “In addition to fishing education, another program goal is to help equip participants with the needed fishing gear, and the gift cards help us do just that!”

Originally designed as a fishing class for elementary kids, 2 ½-hour Schools are now available for older kids, and other adults as well.  Parents are invited to attend with their kids at most classes.

Started in 2013, Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s School of Fish has hosted 184 schools in 6 states and has graduated over 5,000 “water ready” anglers in its existence. Taught in a fast-paced, fun environment, students learn about lakes and finding and catching fish, how to tie a fishing knot, and how to rig and use their own slip-bobber set-up. “Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s recognize how important educating and exciting the next generation of anglers is,” Frisch continued.  “And, the kids absolutely love it when they get their gift cards!”  “Our mission is to inspire everyone to enjoy, love and conserve the great outdoors,” said Christine Wamsley, Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s Director of Marketing Sponsorships. “We’re proud to support programs like School of Fish that excite kids about nature and inspire the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts.” Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s School of Fish is offered in an open-water and ice fishing format to fishing/sportsman’s clubs, community education, and civic organizations. In addition to his involvement in the Schools, Frisch co-hosts “Fishing the Midwest” television, and a Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s School of Fish youth graduate is selected each year for a guest appearance on “Fishing the Midwest” TV.

The Future Angler Foundation will be a sponsor for the second year in 2019.

More details regarding Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s School of Fish can be secured by contacting Mike Frisch via email or by visiting the and selecting the “School of Fish” link.