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FISHING/BOATING: Fun Facts about Floatation





Fun and informative peer-to-peer format is ideal for family or classroom viewing.

Forestville, WI (January 23, 2023) – Designed to help youth more easily enter the ranks of active boaters and anglers, the non-profit Future Angler Foundation (FAF), in conjunction with Into The Outdoors Education Network, offers a series of free educational fishing and boating safety videos designed to capture the imagination of elementary, middle-school, and high school youth. “How Life Jackets Save You” reinforces the importance of wearing life jackets both on the water and around the dock.

Follow along as co-hosts, Zach and CB explore how personal floatation devices (PFDs) are designed, work, fit, and should be used. The 30-minute television format is perfect for family viewing – especially for those just beginning to enjoy boating and fishing lifestyles.

“The single most important decision young boaters and anglers make on any trip to the water is wearing a life jacket in appropriate situations,” says FAF president, Patrick Neu. “How Life Jackets Save You” reinforces that ultimate message in an informative and entertaining way.”

United States Coast Guard statistics reveal 86% of drowning victims meet their unfortunate fate while not wearing a life jacket. With its peer-to-peer presentation format, young viewers are truly engaged and quickly digest the clip’s clear and ultimate message: “The best way to prevent yourself from drowning is to wear your PFD.”

“At FAF, we are laser-focused on our mission to help recruit, retain and reactivate recreational anglers and boaters,” states Neu. Through our series of fun, focused and highly informative peer-hosted videos, we’re reaching out to the next generation of potential boaters and anglers and making it easier for them to get involved.”

 If you like “How Life Jackets Save You,” be sure to check out FAF’s entire online series at Into the Outdoors, or on television in the educational blocks offered on PBS nationwide and other over the air networks. Here you’ll also find shorter, custom video segments complete with lesson plans, for sharing in classroom or fishing club settings.

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The Future Angler Foundation (FAF) is an incorporated 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation formed in April of 2012. The FAF’s mission is to “Create New Anglers and Boaters” through its support of angler education and boating safety programs hosted by passionate, knowledgeable volunteers throughout the U.S. and through its “Getting Families Fishing” initiative, a series of free source digital educational programs developed to engage young anglers and boaters as they educate them about angling in an exciting, informative, and effective manner. More information about the FAF can be found online at


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