Outreach & Education Grants

All of the programs FAF supports involve either traditional classroom education or outreach in a field setting. Sure, it is fun to win a fishing rod or get a new t-shirt signed by a professional angler, or from the organization running the Future Angler Event, but the heart of the FAF comes from sharing information about fishing and aquatic resources to produce informed anglers and non-anglers, too. Everybody cares about clean, healthy waters. Teaching people about aquatic invasive species and how to be good stewards of our environment is all part of the conservation message that is fundamental to the mission of FAF.
Whether it takes place in a classroom, in a boat, or at the water’s edge, education about aquatic resources is critical to help young anglers and others learn about their role in aquatic invasive species prevention as well as the wise use and conservation of fisheries,” said FAF president Patrick Neu. “This conservation based messaging is consistent in all the programs the FAF supports.

If you would like to connect with the Future Angler Foundation for a hands-on conservation program, contact us at info@futureangler.org.